AJAYI, Olupomi



Position held:

Country Representative, Sierra Leone/ Rice Research Coordinator for Sierra Leone

Year of Employment:

July 2006


1972 - BSc (Zoology), Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria 2nd Class Upper
1975 - MSc (Applied Entomology,Tropical & Temperate), Imperial College, University of London
1975 - Diploma of Membership of Imperial College (D.I.C.), Imperial College, University of London
1981 - PhD (Applied Entomology), Imperial College, University of London
1993 - MBA, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria

Specialization/Expertise: Entomology


28 years working as a research scientist (entomology and farming systems) at national (Nigeria) and international (ICRISAT) agricultural research institutes; 12 years as the Team Leader/Country Representative for ICRISATís program in Nigeria; 9 years of university teaching in Nigeria; 6 years as a consultant to AfricaRice and FAO; 7 years as editor-in-chief of an international science journal.

Major Achievements:

Identification, documentation, study and development of control measures for the insect pests of pearl millet, sorghum and wheat in Nigeria; establishment and management of ICRISATís program on sorghum, pearl millet and groundnut in Nigeria and 8 other countries in West and Central Africa leading to the release of sorghum hybrids, pearl millet and rosette virus-resistant groundnut varieties; assisted food and beverages industries in Nigeria to switch from using imported barley to locally produced sorghum; edited several journal editions and important AfricaRice annual and other reports.