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Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)
Centre du riz pour l’Afrique (AfricaRice)





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17-18 Feb MICCORDEA End of Project Workshop Dar es Salaam, Tanzania D Silue    
18-21 Feb Training on data collection and sample analysis for generating consumer preference maps Cotonou, Benin S Ndiendeng    
18-21 Feb Training on yield gap analysis & nutrient management Cotonou, Benin K Saito    
24-28 Feb AfricaRice Science Week & GRiSP-Africa Science Forum Cotonou, Benin M. Wopereis
28 Feb-1 Mar STRASA Phase III Africa--Planning workshop Cotonou, Benin B Manneh
16 Mar SARD-SC Project Steering Committee Meeting Cotonou, Benin O Ajayi    
25-27 Mar 35th Annual Full Board Meeting Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver  
10-12 April Rapid Mobilization of Alleles for Rice Cultivar Improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa- Project Launch Meet Ibadan, Nigeria V. Ramaiah    
15-18 April Challenges and opportunities of the scientific and technological revolution for progress Abomey-Calavi, Benin Abomey-Calavi University (UAC)  
21-25 Apr Training Workshop on Experimental Auctions Dar es Salaam, Tanzania G.Mujawamariya    
22 -26 Apr Technical meeting of DFATD Canada-funded Rice Postharvest project Cotonou, Benin J Moreira    
 29 Apr-2 May Improving Food Security Information in Africa Cotonou, Benin A Diagne    
5-7 May Biotic stresses, climate change and agricultural production, , Cotonou, Benin Cotonou, Benin IITA/ AfricaRice/ INRAB    
13-16 May Training of Accountants, Africa Rice Hubs (Anglophone countries) Cotonou, Benin J A Doumatey    
25-27 June Information and knowledge exchange facilitation (IKEF) workshop Cotonou, Benin M. Wopereis-Pura  
16-19 June  AfricaRice at the 4th Agriculture Science Week of CORAF/WECARD Niamey, Niger S Bruce-Oliver
2-4 July 9th Biennial Meeting of the National Experts Committee (NEC) St Louis, Senegal S Bruce-Oliver  
4-12 Aug AfricaRice training workshop on Automation of data collection, analysis and impact assessment Kigali, Rwanda A Arouna    
21-29 Aug AfricaRice training workshop on Automation of data collection, analysis and impact assessment Cotonou, Benin A Arouna    
1-2 Sep Rice Innovation Fair of scalable technologies Cotonou, Benin S Zwart  
2-3 Sep Rice parboiling demonstration Cotonou, Benin J Moreira  
8-13 Sep 36th AfricaRice Board Meeting Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver  
15 Sep-3 Oct Integrated Rice Production Course Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Senthilkumar Kalimuthu    
25 Sep CGIAR Development Dialogues New York, USA CGIAR  
6-10 Oct Formation avancée sur l’analyse qualitative des données de l’enquête diagnostique Cotonou, Benin C Raboanarielina    
22 Oct FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Africa, visits AfricaRice Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver  
31 Oct 5e édition du concours de posters scientifiques au Bénin Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver    
27 Oct - 1 Nov 4th International Rice Congress (IRC2014) Bangkok, Thailand IRRI  
10-12 Nov Formation sur couverture des changements climatiques dans les medias Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver    
10-14 Nov Benin Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME/PME) Meeting & Exhibit Cotonou, Benin S Bruce-Oliver
17-25 Dec One Corporate System (OCS) Training Cotonou, Benin D Huneault    
19-21 Nov Regional Training Workshop on MSP Review and Reflection in the Rice Sector Development Hubs Dassa, Benin C Raboanarielina    
24-29 Nov Workshop on rice rural radio programming, Sikasso, Mali S Bruce-Oliver    
26-28 Nov CGIAR-led Agricultural Technology Fair at the “Celebrating FARA” Johannesburg, South Africa S Bruce-Oliver    
28 Nov Conférence par la Représentante de l'UEMOA à AfricaRice St Louis, Senegal K Ndiaye    
1-3 Dec GRISP Theme 4 Workshop Los Baños, Philippines IRRI    
1-9 Dec SARD-SC Supervision Mission & Meeting on preparations for Medium Term Review Ibadan, Nigeria S Sanyang    
4-13 Dec Center-Commissioned External Review (CCER) of Sustainable Productivity Enhancement Program Cotonou, Benin M. Wopereis    
8-12 Dec RAP Phase II Project Closing Workshop Cotonou, Benin C Raboanarielina    
11-12 Dec GRiSP New Frontiers Project Meeting Montpellier, France CIRAD    
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Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)



AfricaRice est un Centre de recherche du CGIAR – un
partenariat mondial de la recherche agricole pour un
futur sans faim.

AfricaRice est aussi une association
composée de pays membres africains.


Siège d’AfricaRice
01 BP 4029, Abidjan 01, Côte d'Ivoire
T: +225 22 48 09 10; F: +225 22 44 26 29

Station de recherche à M'bé
01 B.P. 2551, Bouaké 01, Côte d'Ivoire
T: +225 22 48 09 20; F: +225 31 63 25 78
C: AfricaRice@cgiar.org



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