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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base


AfricaRice has extensive experience with packaging research results in formats, such as print and online manuals, videos (accessible in local languages), radio scripts and mobile applications, that can be readily and rapidly diffused across farming communities to raise their awareness of improved technologies and to support learning.


The content and format of our learning materials are adapted to the target users – potential trainers/facilitators or end-users.




E-learning courses

Currently, more than 50 courses related to basic agriculture, business development and entrepreneurship are freely available on the platform.

To follow our e-learning courses, browse


Our farmer-to-farmer learning videos were developed and validated with rural women and men to make them farmer-friendly and to fully valorize and build on farmers’ knowledge. They are based on adult learning principles and in addition to explaining the “how to do”, they also explain the “why” behind good practices and improved technologies.


The videos were particularly powerful as watching videos featuring fellow farmers and processors demonstrating improved techniques triggered better learning, faster adoption and creative innovations. The videos have been translated into more than 30 African languages and strengthened the capacities of over 600 organizations in about 44 countries.


View our farmer-to-farmer learning videos


Radio Scripts

AfricaRice has collaborated with Farm Radio International (FRI) on developing radio programs on improved rice farming and processing techniques including local innovations. Several radio scripts were produced and shared with over 300 radio stations across Africa. 


Read the radio scripts

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