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Annual Reports

Recent Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020.jpg

Annual Report 2020

Fostering resilient rice-based agri-food systems for nutrition and health in Africa 


Annual Report 2017

More effective targeting of research for development

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Annual Report 2014

Partnerships for impact

Screenshot (125).png

Annual Report 2022

​Delivering resilient, gender-responsive and market-driven innovations.

Annual Report 2019.jpg

Annual Report 2019

Toward rice-based food systems transformation in Africa

Screenshot (149).png

Annual Report 2016

Towards rice self-sufficiency in Africa

AfricaRice Annual Report 2021.png

Annual Report 2021

Enhancing resilience, sustainability and competitiveness


Annual Report 2018

Sustainable rice production in the face of climate emergency

Screenshot (149).png

Annual Report 2015

Investing in rice research and innovation for Africa

Past Annual Reports


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