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Ethics at AfricaRice

Ethics at AfricaRice


We are all accountable.


CGIAR recognizes that operating according to the highest ethical standards is a prerequisite to being able to deliver on our vision. As part of CGIAR, AfricaRice adheres to the Core Ethical Values of Integrity, Dignity and Respect, Sustainability, Excellence and Innovation, and Partnership, as set forth in the CGIAR Ethics Framework.


To ensure accountability, AfricaRice welcomes reporting of any illegal or unethical conduct (e.g., corruption, fraud, misuse of resources, abuse of authority, etc.) by anyone associated with our work. Our reporting mechanisms are available to everyone: staff, partners, contractors, suppliers, and anyone else who interacts with AfricaRice, including the public at large.


AfricaRice does not tolerate illegal or unethical conduct and will do whatever is reasonably possible to prevent, deter, identify, and sanction such behaviors.


If you are an employee, please be sure to read the applicable internal policies which describe relevant reporting procedures and consider following those procedures first.


How to Report


There are multiple options to report misconduct. The two main avenues are CGIAR’s whistleblowing hotline and directly to the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct. However, it always remains possible to report misconduct directly to the appropriate supervisor(s) or CGIAR entity.


Whistleblowing Hotline


CGIAR’s whistleblowing hotline, through Lighthouse Services, Inc., provides an independent, secure, and confidential way to report and is available 24/7 via a toll-free number or online. This underscores CGIAR’s commitment to fostering a strong ethical environment and provides a protected channel to report possible misconduct. Reporters can remain anonymous or chose to identify themselves. If a reporter elects to report anonymously, no efforts can or will be made to identify the reporter. The hotline – whether via phone or online – has a script to help get the necessary details while maintaining anonymity if that is the reporter’s choice.


The link to CGIAR’s hotline is:


Information regarding making a report by telephone is available here.


CGIAR has established this whistleblowing hotline for a specific purpose. That purpose is to report fraud, unlawful, unethical and other types of improper behavior. This hotline is not a substitute for routine communications within CGIAR between employees and their supervisors and managers, particularly as to workplace duties. Likewise, it does not replace communications with human resources staff about benefit issues or other job-related issues.

Regular business matters that do not require anonymity should be directed to the employee’s supervisor and should not be submitted using this service.


Directly to the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct


Reports can be made directly to the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct via email: If these are submitted anonymously, i.e., via email addresses that do not identify the sender, no effort will be made to identify the reporter. As with the hotline, please make your report as specific as possible to allow us to thoroughly review and respond to your concerns. The kind of information which is helpful to us includes:


  • The nature of the illegal or unethical conduct that have reason to believe occurred.

  • The location(s) and date(s) when it took place, or when you observed the issue.

  • A description of what exactly happened.

  • The names and job titles of those who were involved.

  • The reason(s) why you think it should be investigated.

  • Any other information you think is relevant for us to know.


Treatment of your Report


No matter how it is received, every report will be reviewed to determine if the concern expressed needs to be examined further. In some cases, depending on the nature of the concern, some reports may be directed to the relevant entity for review. If you choose to provide contact information, at certain points during the review process you may be contacted for additional information.

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