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Council of Ministers

AfricaRice Council of Ministers 

The highest governing body of AfricaRice is the Council of Ministers (CoM) consisting of ministerial level representatives (ministers of agriculture or ministers of scientific research) of all AfricaRice member countries. Each member country appoints one representative.


Statutory meetings of the AfricaRice CoM are held once every two years. At the beginning of each ordinary session, the CoM elects a chair. The Chairmanship of the Council is rotated biennially between the regions of the continent (East, West, North, Central and Southern Africa) that are members of AfricaRice.


The Director General of AfricaRice serves as Secretary to the CoM. The current Chairmanship of the AfricaRice Council of Ministers is held by the Republic of Madagascar.


Report of the High-Level Ministerial Conference on rice: Delivering on Commitments to Transform Africa’s Rice Industry


Constitution of the Africa Rice Center

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