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AfricaRice shines spotlight on resilient rice-based agri-food systems for nutrition and health

In the face of unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 and extreme climate disasters that have wreaked havoc on the world, the need for sustainable transformation of agri-food systems for consistent access to affordable, sufficient, and healthy diets while conserving natural resources is more than ever crucial.

“The AfricaRice 2020 Annual Report reflects the Center’s strong commitment to deliver science-based solutions that will empower all stakeholders in the rice value chain to contribute significantly to the development of more resilient and inclusive rice-based agri-food systems to respond to food security, nutrition and health, and environmental challenges in Africa,” said Dr Harold Roy-Macauley, AfricaRice Director General.

The report also highlights AfricaRice’s support to its member countries’ efforts to reduce the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on rice value chains in Africa. AfricaRice is a CGIAR Research Center as well as an intergovernmental association of 28 African member countries.

Examples of innovative tools, technologies, policy options and success stories featured in this report are aligned with the three Action Areas detailed in the CGIAR 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy:

Systems Transformation: ● Policy options to increase resilience of domestic rice value chains during and after COVID-19 Establishment of the Consortium of Rice Seed Enterprises and Millers ● Youth entrepreneurship in rice value chains ● Women seed producers in Senegal

Resilient Agrifood Systems: ● Water-saving technology ● Fertilizer from waste ● RiceAdvice impact in Nigeria ● AfricaRice in Excellence in Agronomy 2030 ● Perennial rice

Genetic Innovation: ● High-yielding varieties for Niger ● Nutritious varieties for Madagascar ● Low-glycemic rice ● African rice diversity panel

The report gives a snapshot of 2020 publications, training, finance, and donors. It also includes the list of the Reconstituted Board of Trustees as part of the Center’s efforts towards aligning its governance instrument with the governance framework of One CGIAR.

“We take this opportunity express our sincere thanks to AfricaRice member states, donors, and development partners for their unwavering support. The AfricaRice Board of Trustees and Management would also like to thank all AfricaRice staff members for their commitment and dedication to the mission of AfricaRice, especially under the highly challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Dr Carol Kramer-LeBlanc, AfricaRice Chair of the Board of Trustees and Dr Harold Roy-Macauley, Director General.

To read the AfricaRice Annual Report 2020 online or to download the Report in PDF format, click here.


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