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Power Tiller

Power Tiller


AfricaRice is facilitating the introduction of power tillers (with related attachments) in its member countries. It is also strengthening local capacity in the use, development and maintenance of agricultural equipment.


​Power tillers are versatile machines that can power the operation of various farm implements. They are light and easy to manipulate in the field when it is wet or dry. All attachments can be manufactured locally.


What are the benefits and added value?
The power tillers can be used in almost all agricultural operations that demand large amount of labor. The following are some of their advantages. They can help:

  • expand cultivable land

  • improve timeliness of farm operations

  • reduce drudgery

  • free up the time of farmers for other farm operations


What are the drawbacks?
Power tillers tend to be quite expensive, but they can be used for all farming operations including transport of agriculture products. They require regular maintenance by skilled operators.


Where have they been tested?
The power tillers and the farm implements have been tested in almost all countries in Africa. The attachments can be locally manufactured by AfricaRice trained manufacturers.

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