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AfricaRice Annual Report 2018 highlights work on sustainable rice production in the face of climate

The sense of urgency regarding climate change issues is growing around the world and in Africa, in particular, which is most at risk to the negative effects of climate change. AfricaRice scientists and their colleagues have paid considerable attention to climate change and its effects on the rice sector in Africa.

The AfricaRice Annual Report 2018 focuses on the Center’s continued work on sustainable rice production in the face of climate emergency. The following major research thrusts are particularly highlighted:

  • development of climate-smart rice varieties

  • crop-establishment method for flash flood-prone areas in inland valleys – the future ‘rice basket’ of the continent

  • drought prediction models

  • identification of valuable heat-tolerance genes from African rice (Oryza glaberrima)

  • impact of smart-valleys lowland development approach, and

  • promotion of climate-smart, sustainable best practices among African rice farmers

Other topics covered in the report include the Center’s focus on issues that contribute significantly to upgrading the rice value chain across Africa: gender and small-scale mechanization; rice husk gasifier; youth entrepreneurship in rice value chain; and partnerships, especially with FAO, for capacity strengthening along the rice value chain.

The report also provides brief information on 2018 publications, training, finance, donors and the Board of Trustees.

To read the report online or download a pdf copy, please click here.


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