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Visit to AfricaRice of Dr Chiji Ojukwu

Visit to AfricaRice of Dr Chiji Ojukwu, Managing Director of Africa Projects Development Centre (APDC)

Dr. Chiji Ojukwu, formerly Director of Agriculture at the African Development Bank and now Managing Director of the Africa Projects Development Centre (APDC), visited AfricaRice Headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire on 25 February 2019. APDC is an Abuja-based for-profit organization focused on incubating, training, coaching, mentoring and empowering African youths in agribusiness. 

The APDC delegation was received by AfricaRice Director of Strategic Partnerships Dr. Samuel Bruce-Oliver; SSARSA Coordinator Dr. Marcel Nwalozie; and Program Leader for Rice Sector Development and TAAT Coordinator Dr. Sidi Sanyang. 

The objective of the visit was to follow up on a Memorandum of Understanding signed with AfricaRice in December 2018. The ADPC Managing Director was accompanied by business partner Dr. Chi Tawah. During the visit, the APDC delegation agreed with AfricaRice on areas that would constitute an action plan for contributing to youth development, e,g., rice seed production, business development and procurement.  


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